The unfortunate reality is that we all age, and age can often take a toll. Yet that does not stop many elderlies from wanting to maintain their independence. For most people, part of this independence is being able to drive. Unfortunately, as we age, we lose many of the skills we possessed in our younger years. This is why senior drivers are often involved and at fault for car accidents in Florida.

If you have recently been involved in a car accident with a senior driver who you believe to be at fault for your injuries, you can seek compensation. Just because a car accident involves an elderly person does not make them above the law. Elderly drivers must adhere to most of the same laws as everyone else.

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Are Senior Drivers Often Involved in Car Accidents in Florida?

According to data, elderly driving accidents are becoming prevalent in Florida. This has been partly attributed to the fact that there are more than 48 million drivers over the age of 65. This is a 50 percent increase since 1999.

Driving allows older adults to stay independent and mobile, but the risk of injury or death in a crash increases with age. Yet, elderly drivers are not the only ones at risk. Senior drivers also place others on the road at risk of injury and death.

Furthermore, in 2019, senior citizens accounted for 20% of Florida’s total population. It was estimated that all members of this age bracket hold a driver’s license. Since this is the case, the risk of accidents increases because the risk of accidents non-fatal and fatal increases as we age.

This is likely why the Florida Department of Transportation requires all drivers over the age of 80 to renew their licenses every six years. The law allows the department to regulate the number of senior drivers on the road, thus preventing future accidents.

How Often Are Senior Drivers the Cause of Car Accidents in Florida?

According to a RAND study, senior drivers older than 65 are 16% likelier than those between the ages of 25 and 64 to cause a vehicle accident. Also, the study’s findings revealed that older drivers account for 15% of all drivers and are responsible for 7% of all two car accidents that are non-fatal and fatal.

In recent years, a study by has used National Highway Transportation Safety Administration data to rank Florida first in the number of senior citizens involved in fatal car accidents. Data has also revealed that senior drivers are becoming increasingly responsible for car accidents with non-fatal outcomes in Florida.

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It is evident that senior drivers are frequently involved in car accidents in Florida, with the highest proportion of fatal senior driver car accidents occurring in this state. Also, senior drivers are becoming increasingly responsible for non-fatal car accidents in Florida.

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