A class-action lawsuit or representative action lawsuit refers to a legal action filed by an entire group against a single defendant. Unlike the other lawsuits, class action includes more than one person as the victim. Most of the time, the defendants are big companies or brands who have tried to cheat the customers by some sort of business malpractice. The mass complaints about the HCG drug (weight loss supplement) constitute the hcg lawsuits.

The HCG drugs have been falsely advertised as a solution for dieters seeking rapid weight loss. In the past few years, several people have suffered similar injuries caused by HCG consumption. Even today, there are multiple ongoing class action cases against the HCG manufacturers. Therefore, anyone suffering from any adverse issues caused by HCG should immediately consult with the class action law firms or lawyers who are already investigating this case and taking up new complaints.

  • What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) describes that the Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a chemical created by trophoblast tissue. The NCBI also states that the HCG chemical is found in early embryos and will eventually be part of the placenta.

The purpose of the Human chorionic gonadotropin is to work as a dietary supplement and promote rapid weight loss. For this purpose, HCG has been used extensively by numerous manufacturers in different forms of supplementary drugs. They have come to the medical market as oral drops, pellets, and sprays. Most HCG supplements are recommended to be used concomitantly with a severely restrictive diet, typically around 500 calories per day.

  • Why is HCG Problematic?

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed a class-action lawsuit against HCG in Arizona federal court. The lawsuit has been charged against the following companies.

  1. HCG Platinum LLC
  2. Right Way Nutrition LLC

       iii.  Kevin Wright

According to the FTC, these companies have marketed their products with false claims. The lawsuit states that these companies are advertising falsely to convey that HCG drugs can lead to significant weight loss. The HCG Platinum products are marketed as advertisements guaranteeing weight loss. The endorsers are claiming that they have undergone weight loss in real, which is false. The FTC is describing the endorsers in the ads are all fake users.

Based on mass complaints about the adverse effects of the HCG drugs, the FTC is continuing its investigation. Some other organizations are also investigating the HCG fraud cases. If anyone has recently suffered from any of the side effects mentioned below, the person should learn more about hcg lawsuits and file a complaint.

  • HCG Common Side Effects:

Some common side effects of HCG drugs are below.

  1. Gallstone formation
  2. Electrolyte imbalances
  3. Irregular heartbeat
  4. Blood clots
  5. Pulmonary embolism
  6. Depression
  7. Anorexia
  8. Pain, redness, and swelling
  9. Growth of male breasts (gynecomastia)
  10. Death
  • HCG Falsely Alleged as Weight-Loss Solution:

The FTC states that human chorionic gonadotropin has been falsely promoted by various marketers as a weight loss supplement. In 2011, the FTC and FDA jointly started investigating this case and sent warning letters to 7 marketers of HCG-containing products. The letter mentioned that the products were mislabeled drugs and illegal.

  • Some HCG Platinum Advertisement Messages:

HCG Platinum is a product that claims the following results during marketing. None of these are true.

  1. Consumers will lose 1 or 2 pounds per day for weeks, and a total of up to 127 pounds.
  2. The products are safe and clinically proven to burn fat and reduce weight.
  3. The products can also lower cholesterol.
  • Some Public Accusations:

Though the HCG drugs are linked to weight loss, the FDA report shows numerous cases of pulmonary embolism, blood clots, depression, headaches, breast enlargement, other cardiovascular risks, and anorexia. There is a large number of reports that came from numerous users of the HCG products. However, anyone facing any of the above symptoms should consult a physician and a personal injury lawyer at the earliest. It will help the victim to get justice in the form of compensation for the loss.

  • Product Liability Laws Protect Injured Victims:

To ensure consumer safety, product liability laws are made to protect consumers from dangerous or defective products. It could be anything from a medicine to a consumer good. According to the product liability laws, the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers should be responsible for the products available in the market. It means that the companies that manufacture and market HCG products should have known about false advertisements and should have taken proper steps in taking them off the market.

In this regard, hcg lawsuits can be connected to the product liability law, which ensures that the victims of defective drugs and products will get compensation for their loss or damage. However, they have also given four parameters to analyze the eligibility of cases. Below are some parameters that help the product liability laws to determine any flaw in medicines.

Anyone suffering from the adverse effects of HCG products or any other harmful medicines deserves compensation if:

  1. The medication has a design flaw
  2. The medicine has a manufacturing defect
  3. The medicine did not have appropriate labels
  4. The medicine did not have warnings

Here, the fourth parameter is the most valid, which shows the HCG products as harmful drugs. The manufacturing brands have never disclosed the chances of side effects of these products. Neither have they warned the customers about certain components of these products.

  • Conclusion:

If anyone is suffering from the side effects of HCG drugs and other HCG products, consulting a personal injury lawyer or a class action lawyer can be beneficial. There is a specific section named defective drug within a personal injury lawsuit, which deals with injuries caused by defective medicines.

Defective drug lawyers can help individuals to pursue the ongoing hcg lawsuits and get the compensation they deserve. Additionally, consulting a class action lawyer will make the case stronger and increase the chances of winning. Many people have been able to get compensation from medicine manufacturers with the help of their defective drug lawyers.