Most people who buy a car tend to be aware of the kind of benefits that they can get from a Bill of Sale document. However, they do not know how to write a Bill of Sale on their own. That is why there are printable bill of sale forms available online. These consist of various important details which can help you to write a new BOS, or even use it as it is for your own purpose. These can offer an optimal level of security and protection. These are some of the top things that you need to look for in printable bill of sale templates.

Odometer statement

The odometer statement is an important thing that you need to check in a printable bill of sale form. The odometer is actually like a dial on a vehicle which displays the number of miles it has actually traveled for. Your bill of sale form needs to include the odometer reading, given that it has become quite a popular malpractice to roll the odometer back to a smaller reading, so as to get a bigger resale value. A naïve buyer gets a vehicle believing that it has less wear and tear than it has suffered actually.

Seller’s statement

It is another thing that you need to look for. There should be a statement by the seller stating that the vehicle is their own, and no pending financial encumbrance is there against it. It can prevent you from having a car that is stolen or a vehicle with monetary encumbrance. A Bill of Sale in TN document needs to have statement from the seller. A seller who gives wrong statement in a bill of sale document can be penalized by the law at a later point of time.

Seller and driver’s details

It is also essential to get a section containing the seller’s address and name, as well as the license information of the driver. When you see the license and are assured that it has the license number, address and real name of the seller, you can be more or less assured that in case of any issues, you can get in touch with him easily again.


It is essential to make sure that it has the signatures of seller as well as buyer. When the seller signs the completed Bill of Sale, they can be assured that the details in them are proper. When a form is unsigned, it can leave the door open for risks of disputes cropping up after the sale. It is advisable that all sellers or buyers of any used car use a Bill of Sale for documenting the transaction. You can find professional printable bill of sale forms online.

After you prepare a Bill of Sale, you consent to signing and making copies of the same. In case you wish to put it in the records of your country, you as well as the buyer needs to visit a notary and have it notarized duly. Once you create a bill of sale, you can be assured that you have protected yourself, and you can sell the asset then. Next, you have to get in touch with the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), to understand what you should do in order to notify the DMV properly about the sale. You may download any kind of legal forms from this website-