Being in a long-term disability is not easy. When you are denied the long-term disability claim, it might make the current situation more stressful than it needs to be. However, this denial is quite common as most claims are denied at the first glance. If this has happened to you, don’t lose hope. In such a situation it is best to reach out to AvaGio Personal Injury Lawyers. The lawyers will help you to understand the possibilities of your circumstances. They will help you to gather all the necessary evidence which will provide the much-needed support to your disability claim. This will put the responsibility on the insurance company or the disability to disprove your argument.

What do you understand by a long-term disability appeal?

A long-term disability appeal is filed by a disability lawyer in response to an LTD application that has been denied or the insurer has cut off the benefits. There is an option for appealing the decision in the documentation which states that the disability has been denied. However, an appeal is not a formal or a legal ruling on long-term disability benefits. When you file an appeal it is sent back to the same party who denied you the appeal. The arguments you put forward in an appeal will help you to qualify for long-term disability, but in the end, it is the decision of the insurer.

What are the advantages of an LTD Appeal?

One of the main advantages of appealing is that it will help to make a stronger case for yourself. For this, it is always better to have a disability lawyer by your side. It helps to lend credibility.

What are the disadvantages of an LTD Appeal?

LTD Appeal has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that the same party will be making a decision, the one that denied your appeal. In a lot of cases, there is an incentive that is attached to the denial. This helps ensure that the appeal doesn’t work, it is especially true with private insurance companies. As there is no neutral party, everything is done by the insurer themselves. The insurer can do whatever they want and have no repercussions for it. Sometimes even after having made an appeal, you might have to wait months or years. It is always best to have a lawyer by your side.

Reach out to experienced lawyers

Experienced lawyers at Avanessy Giordano are committed to providing you with all the support and care, you need through these tough times. They understand how overwhelming it can be when a long-term disability claim has been denied. With years of experience under their hat, the lawyers are dedicated to helping out the clients. The client-centric approach helps the clients to feel more comfortable through this stressful period. Having a lawyer by your side will help to make this process a lot easier. They will be there to guide you and support you.