Domestic violence is a terrible offence, so its penalties are strict and severe. But sometimes, people face a false acquisition for it. The case needs your criminal defense attorney.

Your attorney will assess the charges and the police report of the incident. They will formulate a case in Domestic Violence Charges Defense of you.

Domestic Violence Changes Involve

  • Assaulting or threatening any person
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Violate an Apprehended violence order
  • Damaged or destroy any property
  • Trying to harm other’s pet

Here, you will get a piece of basic information on some common defences, but one should consult a criminal attorney to get proper guidance based on the case.

Domestic Violence Charges Defense.

When your Criminal Defense Attorney confirms that the case is steady, shreds of evidence are collected to strengthen in defence of the charges.

1. The Case Was In Self-Defence.

Self-defence is a supportive defence that applies to everyone. Sometimes in domestic violence cases, the abuser is actually defencing themself. For instance, one of the partners continuously provokes physically and orally to the other. Everyone has a limit, and the situation may arise when you need to take a step in defence of yourself. Your partner is trying to attack with a knife; you must push your partner to safeguard. Your partner can file a false domestic violence case for pushing and causing injuries.

In these cases, your attorney will try to present evidence to prove that the incident was out of your self-defence.


2. Avoid Confessing To Drinking.

If you feel into any DUI case, hire a DUI lawyer to get out of it. But before that, never admit that you had drunk to the police officer. They may ask for your name, registration, car insurance paper, and driver’s licence.

You should reply less to them because the police officer is recording your conversation. Any statement from you can use against you.

The legal limit for alcohol in the blood is 0.08 per cent; below this means you are not guilty.

Therefore, your DUI lawyer can handle the case because no one can prove what type of alcohol was consumed by the person, what you have eaten, or how much you have finished.

3. Unintentional Committed

It is the case where you do not deny the incident, but you committed it unknowingly or unintentionally against the victim.

For example, while ironing, you accidentally touch your partner’s hand, not knowing your partner is there. Or you accidentally kept the hot water in the bucket, forgot to inform your partner and due to this hand got burned.

Your attorney will investigate the case to confirm the pieces of evidence to support your claim.

4. Case Of Revenge

One bright side is that you dont need evidence of assault or any injury in domestic violence cases. You can get some cases where the partner filed a lawsuit because of revenge.

If this is your case, the attorney will try to prove your allegation false. Sometimes edited pictures of injuries are present to prove the allegations. The attorney will investigate the images to prove them fake. It will introduce reasonable doubt in the case.

 Or sometime accuser’s testimony changes in a different situation. The inconsistency can strengthen your case by establishing a false allegation against you.

5. Police Misbehaviour

Sometimes Police get involved in unprofessional behaviour or biases. Without adequately investing in the matter and picking a side of the case, arrest the person unlawfully.

To arrest a person, updating all related documents in the records is essential. Your attorney will analyse the documents and records to check any inconsistencies or offences of your rights. For instance, it is the request of an arrested person to ask for a criminal attorney; denial of the proposal violates your civil liberties.

In a few cases, police integrate you in custody but ignore to record the investigation, Or the police arrest you without any warrant.


6. Hidden Motives Behind The Case.

There is a prevalent scenario in which a typical incident is spun into a domestic violence case to gain an advantage in divorce or child custody.

In these cases, you dont need to worry as there are state laws to protect, especially in domestic violence allegations.

Final Verdict

Your case’s success relies on your teamwork with your Criminal Defense Attorney. Being honest with all the details related to the case will make the entire process work smoothly. If your Domestic Violence Charges Defense is proved wrong, you can lose your freedom or job or even face jail.