Lawyers specialising in real estate agreements are called real estate attorneys or real estate lawyers.  A Real Estate Lawyer New York is responsible for drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating the terms and conditions of sales, and facilitating the transfer of titles. The presence of a real estate attorney is mandatory in many states. An attorney specialising in real estate law can be helpful even if such representation is not mandated by law in your jurisdiction. Your interests will be represented at closing by a real estate attorney. They will review the documents beforehand and let you know if any issues or missing information exist.


A real estate lawyer has completed the exact three-year legal education requirement as any other practising attorney. They’ve also proven their legal mettle by passing their state’s rigorous bar examination. It is possible to earn a certification in real estate law after completing elective courses and internships in the field throughout legal education.

Duties Of A Real Estate Lawyer

·       Verify The Property’s Title

A Real Estate Attorney’s job is to verify that the seller is the legal owner of the property being sold. The property’s title must be free and clear of any ongoing claims or lawsuits before it may be sold. In the event of a complex chain of property ownership, the lawyer will check the deed or deeds to confirm this. The attorney will double-check the details of the title deed with relevant agencies such as the local registration office, the land reform office, and the land revenue office.

The attorney will check to see that the property is free of liens and has not been pledged as collateral for any loans. Your lawyer will also research whether or not any notices of requisition or acquisition have been recorded against the home. A property transfer is null and void if there are any such problems.


·       Analyse Statutory Approvals

Before a real estate transaction can begin, a real estate attorney will guarantee that the appropriate authorities have granted all requisite permissions for property transfer. Several government agencies must give their stamp of approval before construction can begin. These agencies include those responsible for land development, planning, environmental regulation, taxation, etc.

Following UK real estate law, a Divorce Attorney New York will know that special care must be taken with properties belonging to trusts, minors, widows, and lunatics. Property owned by people of a different religion or who live in a region with a different set of personal laws requires further care.

·       Working With Power Of Attorney

Many developments are built on property that multiple people own via Power of Attorney. When selling property with one or more power of attorney, a real estate attorney will remember to take the necessary measures.

·       Contracts Act

Experience in contract law is preferable to theoretical understanding, although both are necessary for a successful legal career. To practise law, even real estate attorneys must be able to draught legally binding documents. MoUs, leasing agreements, leave and licence agreements, sale agreements, broker agreements, etc., are standard contracts they help clients create.

Essential Skills Required For Real Estate Lawyer

·       Real Estate Law Expertise

A real estate attorney must be well-versed in the many statutes, codes, and ordinances that pertain to the field. These attorneys must be able to handle every aspect of a case for a client. Customers needing a leave and license agreement or a basic title search certificate could come to them.


·       Ethics

A dedicated work ethic sets a broker apart from the pack. House transactions are rarely done in a day, and there is a lot of negotiation and back-and-forth between buyers and sellers before a contract is signed.

People serious about buying or selling a home or other property won’t want to work with a careless realtor who doesn’t take their work seriously.

·       Good Communication Skill

A well-versed agent can clarify any concerns with a client before drafting a contract. Once all the facts are known, the agent can negotiate the contract terms to benefit everyone involved. A skilled broker can then negotiate favourable terms for both sides.


We hope this article helps you understand why it’s crucial to retain the services of an experienced real estate attorney. Rules and procedures in real estate can be complicated to understand for the average person. However, understanding these concepts is crucial for avoiding being tricked or drawn into criminal activity. The most prudent measure to take when engaging in such deals is to retain the services of an experienced attorney.