When faced with a challenging moment in life, not all situations can be dealt with by oneself, especially when relating to legal problems. Just as any industry expert does their job best, the same is expected from an attorney. An attorney is bestowed with the responsibility of protecting the best interest of their clients. Similarly, the Potts law firm is one such entity that governs its clients out of critical moments that require legal assistance in specific.

Their vast field of practices brings its client ample opportunities to avail of its services. Securing its client’s landmark judgments is what the firm is best known for. Be it personal injury cases or professional and medical negligence; its in-house team comprises elite attorneys from various fields of expertise. Established back in the year 2002, the impeccable performance of the firm remains recorded via the plethora of cases that they have dealt with so far.


Credentials on personal injury cases

Relevant data and stats show that the United States has the busiest roads and traffics. Owing to this very reason, car crashes and injury cases have lately been a mundane part of life. The Potts law firm, with its team of experts, is in the practice of dealing with varied sub-classifications of personal injury cases. The list is non-exhaustive.

Some of the sub-categories include:

  • Traffic Accidents between different vehicles plying on the road
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Boat Accidents
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Maritime injuries
  • Railroad accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Product and premises liability

When faced with challenging moments, be it as a defendant or a plaintiff, the firm’s attorneys make it a point to get you the most desired results. The assessment made by its attorneys is crafted in a way to provide enough pieces of evidence suitable for your case in the court of law.

Andrew Woellner is one of the associate members of the in-house team. His area of practice has been chiefly directed towards personal injury claims against insurance corporations, business disputes, and other negligence cases. Adam T. Funk is another associate with mass variation in his area of practice. His range of experience is spread across 27 different states and 24 federal courts in the United States. His primary area of dealing with litigation has been on cases relating to personal injury claims.


Employment law as a domain

Employment law primarily focuses on securing the rights of the working sections. Be it daily wage earners or corporations, all of it forms part of the employment sector. Any sort of mistreatment that one is entitled to in the workplace falls within the purview of a suit. The Potts law firm represents its clients in total capacity with its field experts.

Disputes relating to overtime work practices, sexual harassment in the workplace, wrongful termination, and discrimination are precisely the governing sectors of the firm. Be it punitive or compensatory damages, any specific claim in proximity to the client’s claims is the job of the firm’s attorneys.

Britney Jackson is one of the firm’s associates with zeal in dealing with sexual harassment cases alongside other criminal and civil disputes. Christopher D. Lindstrom is another asset to the firm with expertise in dealing with issues relating to employment law. Besides, there are several others.


Commercial litigation as a domain

With urbanization, the need for legal representatives in the field of commercial litigation is at its peak. Besides, a business corporation and its operations demand strict legal vigilance. It is not the layman’s job to detect the intrinsic frailties associated with every business transaction. Apart from the personal injury cases, the firm’s attorneys have a good command of handling commercial disputes, which in turn would prevent them from entering into litigation.

Their specific practice field includes consumer law, real estate disputes, business disputes, breach of contract and fiduciary duty, etc. From consultation to litigation, the firm comprises several lawyers that are experts in resolving various types of commercial disputes.

Christopher D. Lindstrom is an expert in the field of commercial litigation. He is an associate of the firm with his equivocal skills in representing both the prosecution and defense. He has quite some remarkable judgments to his credit that offer value to the litigants availing of his services.


Professional negligence as a domain

Professional negligence or malpractice is not generally expected out of an expert in a specific field. However, when such malpractice occurs, it leads to the infringement of the rights of another. Thus, the firm has been involving itself with such cases too. Suits against professionals are mostly elongated with contrary facts coming up on the way to securing justice.

The firm extends its arms in dealing with cases relating to accounting malpractice, engineering malpractice, and fiduciary malpractice. Any person whose faith in a professional has been infringed can seek legal assistance from the firm in its professional capacity. The attorneys of the firm are exceptionally skilled in dealing with personal injury cases, alongside such domain experts who aim at securing the best remedy/damages for its litigants.




The potts law firm, along with its in-house team, has helped people through tough times. In situations when nothing but legal assistance was the only recourse, the firm stood out in true spirit. When it is about lawsuits and legal consultation, the firm offers all such facilities in all of its different operating offices spread across the United States. There are more aspects to the firm and its success story running across two decades of its operational and involvement in the field of legal representation.

Reaching out for legal assistance is a matter of right that any individual enjoys. But, as an ordinary man is not skilled enough to defend oneself in the court of law, it is the lawyers who cater to such needs. Their skill and expertise are designed in a way to delve into the relevant provisions of each legislation and link them with the case at hand. Alongside, the attorney-client privilege is something a client enjoys in full capacity when in terms with the firm.