It would be best to employ an exceptionally white-collar DUI defense lawyer to win your case. Before handing your sensitive case to a DUI defense lawyer, here are seven things to remember.

1.        Check If The Lawyer Provides Free Consultation Services

Before finalizing the deal, you must go through a free consultation session with the DUI lawyer. Approaching a good DUI lawyer is crucial if you face a DUI. Again, you don’t have to employ the wrong person in a rush.

Visit the lawyer along with all the required information related to the case. Don’t forget to carry the case files, court summons and paperwork to the lawyer’s office. Have a brief discussion with the lawyer, and do not hesitate to ask questions.

2.        Enquire About The Fee

 It might not seem important initially as you’re in a rush. However, you must ask for the lawyer’s flat fee or hourly rates before they start working on your case. Lawyers with a better experience and higher reputation might charge more.

Enquire and clear every money-related aspect before entering the billing phase. You can also ask and compare the prices for different types of charges, such as Drug crimes defense, domestic violence charges defense and so on, to get an overview of their essential fee criteria.


3.        Know The Experience Level Of The Lawyer

 Ask your lawyer’s experience level in solving and handling DUI cases. People might tell you to give a fresh lawyer a try, but at the same time, experience is essential in such cases.

The years of practice and the number of DUI cases solved and succeeded are a few questions that you might want to get an answer to. These questions will help you examine and cross-check if the lawyer will be able to fight the case successfully and is capable of applying to the court for a plea.

4.        The Number Of Times Their Cases Have Appeared For Trial

A plea can solve most DUI cases rather than having to appear in a court trial. A phenomenal DUI lawyer is well-versed in getting just the plea bargain and winning a court trial. Few DUI lawyers are so experienced that it wouldn’t require your presence in court, and they would handle it all alone.

5.        Ask How They Will Communicate Regarding The Case

While working on a case, it’s crucial to maintain frequent communication. Therefore, discussing the mode of communication beforehand with the lawyer would be an excellent decision.

Ask their preferred communication method; is it emails, getting on regular calls or meeting physically? Also, ask how many times they will communicate with you. Perhaps, it may be a few times a week or over a phone call.

6.        Ask If Someone Else Would Also Work On Your Case

Professional lawyers usually work in teams or have their assistants or clerks work on every case. If that’s the case, ask the lawyer about his other team members and try to know them well. You can also demand the lawyer have the best people work on your case.

Additionally, be in touch with at least one more person in the lawyer’s team so you can speak about essential updates on your case at any time.


7.        What Outcome Can You Expect In Your Case?

The outcome of the case indeed depends on what circumstances you’re facing. But, looking at the pieces of evidence and proof gathered, your lawyer must be in a position to provide you with an estimated reply about the outcome. There can be two scenarios:

  • Your plea gets rejected, and you’re asked to appear in the trial. As a result, you’re proven guilty. You and your lawyer must strive to avoid this scenario at all costs. To prevent this, it is essential that your plea bargain is accepted and you don’t have to face any heavy losses or tough trials.
  • The second scenario is that all charges are declared void, and the court pleads you not guilty. It can happen due to submitting a lot of evidence or little to no evidence. And, if there is no strong claim from the prosecution, it can be a big takeaway to win the case.

As you can see, employing the best DUI defense lawyer is a significant task, not a cakewalk. The best thing to do is contact your close friends, relatives, family members and colleagues and ask for suggestions and recommendations. The best lawyer would always take every case with utmost seriousness and get a favorable verdict for your case.