Nobody wants to be in a car crash, but they are a reality of driving and could happen to anyone. The automotive industry has tried to improve safety standards and mitigate accidents, but drivers’ carelessness and ignorance bar the success of their efforts. Indianapolis car accident lawyer are also busy with different cases working to hold at-fault parties liable for their actions. This post shares the most causes of car accidents and why it’s vital to consult an accident lawyer right after the accident.

What Are the Causes of Car Accidents?

Every driver is expected to be careful while on the road and follow every rule to avoid risking other drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety. Unfortunately, some do not do their duty of care, leading to severe accidents. Here’s a list of the common causes of accidents reported by various Indianapolis car accident lawyers over the years.

Smartphone Distractions

Distracted driving is a leading cause of traffic-related accidents across the world. In this case, smartphones are a significant distraction causing multiple accidents annually. This is especially when answering texts, sharing hilarious posts, scrolling social media, or fiddling with video and music apps. The driver gets distracted from the road and finds themselves involved in a car crash.

Passenger Distraction

Passengers can also cause distractions in the vehicle. This is especially when a driver is immensely engrossed in a conversation that diverts their attention from the road. A driver could avoid such mistakes by concentrating on the road and paying attention to all traffic signs.


Speeding is categorized as reckless driving. This is because breaking the speed limit is a huge mistake that leads to multiple accidents. It is important to observe these limits to keep safe.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is a leading cause of car accidents. Drugs severely impair a driver’s reaction time, concentration, coordination, and vision. DUI accidents account for many traffic deaths annually, with the most affected being those who are not drunk.

Dangerous Driving

Some drivers think of themselves as experts. They often treat roads like racetracks. They weave in and out of busty traffic, cutting other drivers off, and passing cars on blind. Their arrogance and lack of proper control lead to misses that result in adverse accidents.


It is always advisable for drivers to only get behind the wheel when fresh and sober. This is because fatigue and drowsiness are leading causes of vehicle accidents. They are deadly because they can come upon the driver when least expected. It’s vital to get enough sleep and relaxation before driving. Also, when one gets tired on the road, one must take the necessary measures to avoid causing accidents.

Reasons to Lawyer Up Right After a Car Accident

Most car accidents causes are avoidable if all drivers observe the rules and do everything required of them. Unfortunately, you might be the most responsible driver, but another ignorant driver might get you involved in a car crash. When this happens, it’s vital to protect your legal rights by consulting with professional Indianapolis car accident lawyers. Here’s why:

Obtaining and Preserving Evidence

You deserve maximum compensation if you’re involved in an accident that was not your fault. In such instances, evidence is crucial in your claim. A skilled lawyer will obtain all the necessary evidence and build a strong claim.

Solid evidence helps identify the at-fault party and decide the best course of action. The lawyer also knows how to use the evidence to ensure everything works in your favor.

Having the Resources to Support Your Claim

Hiring a car accident lawyer gives you access to professional resources you could otherwise not have. The resources help you get through the legal matter smoothly.

Your lawyer is likely to have built professional relationships with the best accident reconstruction experts, medical practitioners, and other expert witnesses who can give testimonies to build a strong claim. An accident reconstructionist will prove how the accident happened and the at-fault driver caused it. A medical practitioner will clarify the extent of your injuries and lend credibility to your diagnosis.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The insurance company will be on the at-fault driver’s side, hoping to pay out the lowest amount possible or deny the claim altogether. The representatives could devalue your injuries or get you to say things that could compromise your claim.

Fortunately, Indianapolis car accident lawyers understand the tricks used by insurance companies. They can use their knowledge to combat them in your best interests. The lawyer presents solid evidence and values your claim to ensure you get the highest possible compensation. They also give you professional advice to avoid saying anything that could cause you to admit fault. You should allow the lawyer to handle every communication with the insurance company on your behalf.

Valuing Your Claim

Car accidents often result in much damage and injuries. However, when valuing your claim, you might be tempted to only consider the immediate impacts. It affects your ability to seek compensation if anything happens later in life.

It is best to let a car accident lawyer value your claim. They will take everything necessary into account to get compensation for every damage. They value your pain and suffering, emotional turmoil, loss of companionship, lost wages, medical bills, and inability to work. Besides, they also consider future medical needs to ensure you get the treatment you deserve to get your life back on track.

Statute of Limitation

Most car accident victims assume that they can file a case any time after the accident. However, it’s vital to note that every state has a particular time within which you can file a car accident claim. It’s best to hire an accident lawyer immediately after the accident to file your case within the set timeframe. The lawyer will be in the best position to obtain evidence and build a case that works in your best interests.

Final Word

 Distracted and reckless driving are the leading causes of traffic-related accidents. If another driver’s carelessness gets you into an accident, it’s best to hire an experienced attorney to handle the case and get you maximum compensation.