When you experience a personal injury, the first step to consider is always how to get compensated for the loss. However. When looking for a lawyer in New York, most people are confused and get the wrong lawyer to represent them, which they lose. When you get a maritime injury, considering looking for a specialized attorney such as a maritime attorney New York to help you in the process is crucial. It’s vital to note that maritime law covers a wide range of injuries that occur in and around the sea.

However, not all injuries that occur in the sea are covered by maritime law. Before hiring and filing for a maritime injury case, you should consider researching if your incident falls under maritime law. This article will explore when to know it’s time to hire a maritime lawyer.

How to Differentiate a Case

Cases are different; just because you were injured near the sea does not make it a maritime case. For example, if you got injured while swimming in the sea but the cause is not connected to any vessel, that might not be considered a maritime case. However, you can file a maritime case if the injury is caused by a boat. To differentiate between a maritime case and other cases, you need to consider if a boat was present when the injury occurred. If yes, you have a maritime case, but if not, you can consider another personal injury case.

Having this information in mind, the other question that pops up is what type of personal injury cases fall under maritime law. Most accidents are often due to negligence of the maritime company, resulting in injuries that will require one to file a case.

Common Maritime Injuries Among Workers

  • Collision and Bumps

A lot of accidents happen in the boat and can lead to injuries. A worker can be injured by anything in the boat due to improper safety precautions of the cranes and dollies that can injure them. When riding on a boat, it s vital to ensure the safety measure are prioritized, and the machines are well taken care of. It would help if you also considered putting the cargo properly as unsecured ones can easily cause injuries when there is a collision and bumps as the boat travels.

  • Slap and fall

This is one of the most causes of injuries in a boat, and you should be compensated when it happens as a worker. The stairs, and deck, can cause slip and fall, or the floor and crew are wet.

  • Lifting Heavy Objects

A worker may get injured if they lift heavy objects and the boat tilt due to the waves causing the person to lose control of the object. They can claim compensation under maritime law if the object hits them and injures them.

  • In Case of Sickness

The maritime company must ensure good sanitization to ensure its crew is safe. However, if the crew members get sick due to lack of sanitization or not following the safety guidelines set, they can file for maritime compensation.


If you experience any of the above incidences, you need to file for compensation. You must look for a qualified maritime lawyer to help you out.