Despite being non violent in nature, white collar crimes still carry harsh repercussions and are often even tried in federal court. With white collar cases being particularly complex and requiring mass amounts of evidence and extensive litigation, it is crucial for those facing charges for a white collar crime to invest in a renowned white collar criminal defense attorney, with Austin Texas being home to a number of prestigious options. For those recently charged with a white collar crime in Central Texas, here’s an overview of the kinds of cases a white collar criminal defense attorney in Austin handles, what their usual work consists of, and why it’s important to hire one.

What Cases Does a White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Handle?

White collar crime is synonymous with a variety of frauds that are committed for financial gain by businesses or government professionals and a white collar criminal defense attorney specializes in handling all sorts of complicated white collar crime cases.

 A range of crimes fall under the category of “white collar” including but not limited to:

  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Wire, mail, or credit card fraud
  • Tax evasion or fraud
  • Securities frauds including Ponzi and pyramid schemes
  • Public corruption and racketeering
  • Bribery and blackmail
  • Identity theft
  • Forgery
  • Insurance fraud
  • Computer and intellectual property crimes
  • Environmental violations

Since most white collar crimes violate federal law, there is a chance that your case could be tried in a federal court. This further illustrates the need for a highly rated attorney specializing in white collar defense with experience in federal court as the federal courts can be harder to navigate compared to state court due to operational nuances and an intimidating and highly skilled guild of prosecutors.

What Does a White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin Do?

Investigate: A renowned white collar criminal defense attorney must have investigative skills as they will be arguing against a prosecution that has several years worth of evidence which has usually been gathered by the government or a professional agency. White collar defense attorneys often conduct internal audits to highlight a company’s wrongdoing or misconduct. This involves sifting through thousands of a client’s business or financial documents and spending hours conducting interviews with eyewitnesses. To ensure a proper basis for your defense, make sure to choose a highly rated attorney who you feel comfortable sharing your personal information with.

Litigate: Once an attorney has gathered enough evidence, their job is to defend their client through litigation. The prosecution must provide a burden of proof that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and there are several common lines of defense that a white collar attorney austin may take to counter the prosecution. One common line of defense is to argue that a defendant had a lack of intent or knowledge and did not purposefully commit a crime or know that their actions were a crime. Many attorneys will argue that a white collar crime was committed out of coercion or duress meaning that a third party forced the defendant to commit the crime. In certain cases where law enforcement was involved in an undercover investigation, an attorney can even argue entrapment, or that a crime was committed under the persuasion or coercion of a law enforcement agent.

Regulatory Compliance: if you’ve been accused or convicted of a white collar crime there’s a chance it’s because there is an issue with your business’s practices or assets. Following any criminal proceedings, a white collar defense attorney can establish a plan and train a company’s employees in customized compliance policies and procedures to prevent any future missteps. A white collar attorney can also regularly audit their clients to ensure the effectiveness of any newly implemented policies and address any potential compliance risks. If an attorney audit highlights any harmful information, an attorney can also advise their client on when it is appropriate to voluntarily disclose a violation to avoid criminal charges. With a variety of white collar criminal defense attorney Austin specializing in regulatory compliance, those overcoming white collar criminal charges can rest assured knowing that they are abiding by the law.