star attorney has unique aspects that make them stand out in their practice. Commercializing their services makes them different from attorneys in law firms whose core value is expertise. A star attorney has the following attributes.


Legal work requires a quick response as a major requirement for successful practice. Lawyers must be available when needed, quick to pick up on the right issues, and respond when contacted. In modern times, communication has moved from letters and faxes to electronic means such as emails. Clients expect a response within twenty-four hours, and star attorneys can respond within a few hours. They can work under pressure and deliver within a short time without compromising the quality of output.

Business centered

A star attorney is a commercial practitioner. They focus on all that matters in normal business success, such as practicality and strategic thinking. Commercial attorneys are good decision-makers, solution-oriented, and exercise good judgment in the discharge of their duties. When searching for a lawyer, it is vital to look for a professional who understands legal issues and makes business-related decisions. An attorney who can think strategically offers good legal advice informed by his knowledge of business ideas.


Star lawyers need to have legal competence and deeply understand the legal concepts. They understand their field of practice and are experienced in legal matters. Such a lawyer is intelligent and has a proper understanding of both legal and economic aspects of life. They exhibit intellectual capacity and competence in the discharge of their duties. They do quality work, and apart from being lawyers, they are also excellent advisors. Their wide scope of experience enables them to deal with different types of legal cases successfully.


Star lawyers develop very strong relationships with the client organization through the process of representation. They can interact freely with other lawyers and business leaders in a trustworthy manner, which builds confidentiality in the developed relationships. Star attorneys reliably represent their clients so that the client can fully rely on their decisions. It is for this reason that star lawyers integrated into the client’s work are considered real business partners. They approach matters in a simple way that the clients easily understand. Their solutions to issues affecting clients are quick and easy to implement. Star attorneys may not necessarily win the trust of internal lawyers, but they work closely with business partners, board members, and investors.

The decision to hire a star lawyer should be well thought out and not an urgent move. A firm should employ such professionals to carry out specific functions like introducing new business ideas, improving the existing standards, or taking up a vacant position.

Some researchers argue that individual performance in a certain organization is unique to the workplace and cannot be transferred to a different practice. Stars tend to fail to attribute the success of their firms and resources to the ability to use them as a fruit of their success. It is for this reason that they need proper representation.