Being involved in an accident can result in a number of injuries, from minor to life-threatening. it’s likely that you have questions about how to proceed next. You might wonder whether you should file a claim with your insurance company, contact the other driver’s insurance company or start researching Scranton, PA car accident attorneys. In fact, even if you’re completely certain of what you want to do after an accident, it might be best to get in touch with an attorney before doing anything else, as they can help protect your legal rights and ensure that you make the best decisions moving forward. The following are situations where you may want to contact a car accident attorney right away.

Filing an Insurance Claim

If you suffered minor injuries and there was only property damage, you may be able to handle the claim yourself. But if you were seriously injured or there was a fatality, you’ll likely need to hire an attorney.

If the other driver’s insurance cannot cover the losses, you may be able to do so through your own policy if you have uninsured motorist coverage. Hire an attorney immediately after the accident to explore what you can do through your own insurance policy.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

You have to hire a lawyer in order to file a personal injury lawsuit within your state’s statute of limitations, in order to protect your losses. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit can be complicated; in order to sue for damages, you need to have documentation that proves that you are in fact injured, with details such as medical diagnoses and treatments. 

Advocates for Your Best Result

No one wants to be in a car accident. But if you are, you want an advocate on your side who will fight for the best possible outcome for you. Tthey’ll do their own investigation into the cause of the crash. They’ll take statements from any witnesses and they’ll get copies of all reports filed by law enforcement or other first responders. They’ll examine any physical evidence at the scene and talk with doctors who treated you after the crash. 


In conclusion it’s important to find an attorney who can help you navigate the legal process and get the compensation you deserve.  You need a car accident lawyer If you were seriously injured or there was a fatality, your driver’s insurance cannot cover the losses, and you want to talk with doctor or polic.