Getting involved in an accident can be a traumatic experience, and the aftermath often involves dealing with insurance claims. In most cases, insurance companies aim to handle claims fairly and efficiently. However, there are instances where the insurance company may attempt to place the blame on you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next. In this article, we will explore what steps to take if an insurance company unjustly blames you for an accident and emphasize why you should speak with a personal injury attorney regarding your case.

Understanding Insurance Claims:

What is an Insurance Claim?

An insurance claim is a formal request made by an individual to an insurance company seeking financial compensation for damages or injuries sustained in an accident or unexpected event. The process typically involves an investigation to determine the extent of liability and the coverage provided by the policy.

How Insurance Companies Investigate Claims:

When you file a claim with your insurance company, they will assign an insurance adjuster to assess the situation. The adjuster will investigate the accident thoroughly, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and review any applicable policies. Their goal is to determine who was at fault and the appropriate amount of compensation.

When the Insurance Company Blames You:

Evaluating Fault in an Accident:

Insurance companies use various factors, such as police reports, eyewitness testimonies, and physical evidence, to determine fault in an accident. Unfortunately, sometimes the initial assessment may be biased or inaccurate, leading to the insurance company unfairly placing blame on you.

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters:

If you find yourself facing accusations from the insurance company, it is essential to remain calm and cooperative when dealing with insurance adjusters. Politely ask for detailed explanations of their findings and request a review of any questionable evidence.

Steps to Take if Blamed Unfairly:

Gather Evidence and Documentation:

To support your case, gather any evidence and documentation related to the accident. This may include photographs, medical records, witness statements, and the police report. Presenting a strong and consistent case can help refute the insurance company’s allegations.

Consult with Legal Representation:

If the insurance company persists in blaming you for the accident, it is wise to seek legal representation. An experienced attorney from Sawyer Injury Law specializing in personal injury claims can advocate for your rights and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company.

Resolving the Dispute:

Mediation and Arbitration:

Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution methods that can help settle disagreements between you and the insurance company. Mediation involves a neutral third party facilitating negotiations, while arbitration entails a third party making a binding decision after reviewing both sides of the case.

Filing a Complaint:

If attempts at resolution through mediation or arbitration are unsuccessful, you can file a complaint against the insurance company with your state’s insurance regulatory authority. This complaint will prompt an investigation into the company’s handling of your claim.

The Importance of Legal Assistance:

Having legal representation is crucial when dealing with an insurance company’s blame for an accident. An attorney can navigate the complexities of insurance laws, protect your rights, and ensure you receive fair treatment and compensation.


Being blamed by an insurance company for an accident can be a daunting and distressing experience. However, with the right approach and adequate evidence, you can contest these allegations and seek fair compensation for your damages. Remember, consulting with a skilled attorney from Sawyer Injury Law in Atlanta can significantly increase your chances of a positive outcome.


Q1: Can the insurance company deny my claim based on blame?

A: Yes, the insurance company may deny your claim if they believe you were at fault for the accident. However, you can challenge their decision with supporting evidence.

Q2: How long does the insurance claim process take?

A: The duration of the insurance claim process varies depending on the complexity of the case. It can take days to several months to reach a resolution.

Q3: Can I handle the insurance claim without involving a lawyer?

A: While it’s possible to handle the claim on your own, having legal representation can significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome, especially when facing blame.

Q4: What if the insurance company offers a low settlement amount?

A: You are not obligated to accept a low settlement offer. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to secure a more reasonable compensation.

Q5: Is it essential to involve the police after an accident?

A: Yes, involving the police after an accident is crucial, as they will create an official report that can be valuable evidence for your insurance claim.