Cybercriminals are constantly creating new ways to trick users the elders, tricking them with fake benefits, non-existent promotions or other tricks to hook them, stealing their data, or even scamming them with fraudulent purchases. We share some tips to consider when browsing the Internet and protect your safety or you can check out barr & young attorneys for help.

The Appearance Of The Website

If it is an unattractive page, poorly structured and even with spelling mistakes, be careful as it may be a website created for online scams.

Free Trials

Some companies promise free trials, and by accepting, you unknowingly agree to purchase it and end up charging you month by month. To avoid this situation, read the terms and conditions carefully and the cancellation policies.

Identify Scammers

If they contact you by any electronic means on behalf of a relative or acquaintance, requesting money urgently. You should first contact that person and indicate that they are using their identity to carry out scams. There have been cases in which even these criminals copy the profile on social networks of family or friends and send messages to request help. Keep alert!

Safe Shopping

Before making purchases on a website or through a social network, research more about the company, find out about it, look for comments from other consumers; it is even a good practice to look for the name of the company followed by the word ¨ scam¨ or ¨ fraud¨ to verify that one does not have a fraudulent record.


Be suspicious if the prices of the items or services are too low to the quality. Make the comparison in other sites to be sure. If you notice anything suspicious, avoid making the purchase.

Be Very Careful With Your Information

Remember that your data is precious; never share personal or banking data by any electronic means; if you need to share any of this data with someone you trust, it is best to do it by phone call.

Ignore Offers That Arrive By Mass Mail

Offers that get into spam, spam, or promotion folders may be from scammers looking to cheat through a “tempting promotion.” The safest thing is to buy only in trusted sites with experience in online sales and ignore these types of promotions and under no circumstances enter the link.

Don’t let your guard down to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands. New ways appear every day to deceive users, distrust all the messages that enter your inboxes, and analyze before taking any action. Have firms like barr & young attorneys protect you incase of any fraud.