Have you ever been sexually assaulted by a priest or clergy? Abusing minors is punishable by law, and an experienced attorney can help you deal with the trauma and get justice. Sadly, most victims never report sexual abuse cases, and many suffer with no one to talk to. Nonetheless, reporting and hiring a clergy abuse attorney comes with numerous perks.

Why most sexual abuse victims don’t report

Sexual harassment isn’t acceptable in society, but it still happens, anyway. It can happen anywhere and is now common in religious places. May victims fail to speak out and report such cases due to various reasons. These include.

  • Shame& denial

Most people fear being blamed and believe that they are in the wrong. Many blame and isolate themselves from friends and social gatherings. Denial is also common, and many victims convince themselves that all is okay, which leads to depression.

  • Fear of the consequences

Perpetrators threaten their victims, and many kids fear reporting due to such consequences. They fear being beaten, denied food, or getting killed, as stated by the abuser.

  • Inadequate information on their rights

Most people have minimal information on their sexual rights. Many fear being grilled by police offices and prefer not to talk about it. However, you can file a claim of sexual harassment by a priest and get justice for the damages.

Why engage a clergy abuse lawyer?

If a clergy member sexually abuses your child, an attorney will help you out. The professional will handle all the court process to ensure justice no matter the time of the happening. The benefits are;

  1. Experience

Sexual abuse attorneys are experienced in handling such cases and will gather all the evidence and file a court claim. They will follow up the case against the priest and also ensure your safety during the process.

  1. Advice

Professional clergy abuse lawyers will guide you on how to go about the case. From filing a claim to how to present yourself in court, the lawyer will furnish you with all the necessary information for a successful process.

  1. Skills& Knowledge

Sexual abuse attorneys are knowledgeable and understand each aspect of human rights. They will frame your case to favor you and understand various legal clauses to hold the priest accountable. What’s more? Such professionals know other services that could benefit your overall well-being. These include medical help and counseling services.

  1. Time-saving

Hiring an attorney saves a lot of time. Sexual abuse cases are intricate and involve various legal procedures. You take a lot of time when representing yourself, but an attorney eases the process. The professional will present all the necessary documents and handle every bit of paperwork without delay. With a professional clergy abuse attorney, you have a lot of time to heal from the trauma. And this is because the lawyer offers full representation and handles all the court processes.

A quick wrap up

If a priest abuses you or your kid, gather evidence and contact an attorney immediately. Child sexual abuse lawyers have profound knowledge of such issues and will help you file against the perpetrator and fight for your rights in court.