As we well know, Facebook’s organic delivery is very low! Is it worth posting so you don’t show it to anyone? This can even be negative social proof for the page, that people don’t interact with the posts; they’re not relevant. Therefore, Grow Law Firm agency suggest always working with the following reasoning:

Always Keep A Boosted Anchor Post:

Anchor posts are posts that we believe have the best performance and, as they generate more engagement, therefore receive a higher budget. It’s essential to keep at least one of them active every day; it’s what makes the recurring lead generation machine always active. Budget suggestion for this case: 60% of the intended amount to be distributed among posts defined as anchors.

For The Other Posts:

Divide the remaining 40% between them, but don’t set a deadline for each post (delivery volume is reduced if the budget value is too low); about 3/4 days are enough.

Both Facebook and other social networks for lawyers are powerful allies in your strategic planning of recurring client prospecting. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you must pay special attention and have a lot of patience to test and learn from the results. The results of Digital Marketing for Lawyers

The purpose of Inbound Marketing is to establish authority and credibility, but this cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, the results are usually shown in the medium and long term.

These results can consist of the following sequence:

  • Increase in the number of visitors to the website
  • Increase in the number of Leads
  • Sales (hires) are made at the end of the sales funnel

You soon see how important it is to consistently execute the Digital Legal Marketing strategy and continuously measure the results. This measurement must be carried out by specialized professionals, as it is not enough to count numbers: it is necessary to analyze performance to adjust actions as necessary. Thus, it is possible to identify each point where the strategy worked well or did not work.

Tracking: Parameters In The URL

A detail that many people miss, but very important. You invest a lot of money in your office’s social media, but you never know exactly where the Result comes from; this is bad for the business. This little hack that I’m going to teach you will help you understand where traffic comes from; with the help of Google Analytics, we can better understand our target audience. What you put in the fields below is precisely what will be shown on the Google Analytics panel when you consult the hits (we’ll talk about Google Analytics in another article).

Final Result: the text snippet below is automatically inserted into the ad’s URL and starts to record hits precisely the way you configured it.