Legal documents are a part of our lives. We need them to confirm our identity, education, or status. And, of course, if you work with partners from another country or want to move, you must translate them. But, legal document translation is a unique area where the price of a mistake is too high. So, it requires an incredibly responsible approach. Is it possible to find quality services at an acceptable price? Let’s see!

Nature of Legal Translation

Law doesn’t tolerate ambiguous information. Even a minor mistake in wording can lead to dire consequences. It means that legal translators should be cautious. Of course, each professional should do their best and try to achieve the best possible results. But in the real world, the level of responsibility is different. For example, if the translation of literary works contains mistakes, it can ruin the impression of a book. In the case of documents, it can cause loss of money, property, or opportunities.

This extremely high level of responsibility determines the following requirements for the translator’s qualification:

  • excellent language skills;
  • knowledge about the legal specifications of another country;
  • attention to the details;
  • experience in the field.

The translator should always learn and check the latest changes in the legislation. It is necessary to keep the quality at a high level.

Are cheap Equals Bad?

When we discussed the importance of legal translation and the qualification of translators, you might get the impression that it’s an expensive service. It’s partly true. Of course, no one would translate your agreement or document for free. But you can find affordable prices on the market.

The average price for this kind of translation is about $25 per page. It can be higher or lower depending on the region and the company. Why do some firms set lower price tags? There are several reasons.

Firstly, the company is relatively new and trying to attract clients. It’s not a bad sign, but you should check other factors before choosing the such company. The second reason is broad experience. Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but translators create templates for standard documents during many years of service. As a result, they save time and effort, and the translator can lower the price.

The third factor is the situation in the market. Demand determines supply, and if the services of legal translators are not popular at the moment, the company can set more attractive prices. It still doesn’t mean that the quality of translation could be higher. Usually, translators value their reputation.


Considering all the above facts, getting a quality translation for $20 per page is possible. It’s not a damping price, and many reliable companies work at such rates. Pay attention to other factors while choosing a translator. For example, ask about education. If the specialist has a law degree, it’s an argument in their favor. Feedback from previous clients is a valuable source of information too. So, if everything is alright, concentrate on something other than the low price; it’s not a direct indicator of quality.